Our mission is to help home dressmakers and sewers from the novice to the more experienced makers create a stylish wardrobe they love to wear from day to evening. Using all the amazing fabrics that are available from silk, cotton, jersey, linen to wool the list goes on, we design and create a range of beautifully drafted sewing patterns. We want to share and inspire other sewing enthusiasts; to encourage you to create something even with good basics you’ll have endless options for years to come.

After many years working as a  fashion pattern cutters we returned to where it all began 'the sewing machine'. With the launch of Rochad Studio we design and create a range of beautifully drafted indie sewing patterns with clear and easy to follow illustrations and instructions. For home dressmakers to make a unique statement with a hand-made wardrobe!

Rochad Studio // Indie Sewing Patterns

Rochad Studio is an independent sewing pattern brand based in London, UK. We are delighted to share our sewing patterns for the novice to the more experienced dressmaker to make from the comfort of home. Our sewing patterns are available in sizes UK 4-16 and our extended range will be in size UK 16-28. New to sewing? We've got an easy cardigan pattern to ease you into sewing. Please tell your friends about us they may love us too.

Thank you for stopping by!

Rochad Studio Team XXX

PS. We are working on fully extended our size range sizes UK 4-16 and 16-28 in our existing collection of sewing patterns as well as new releases in all the sizes. Thank you for your support throughout this process!

Rochad Studio // Sewing pattern collection

Sewing is not just a craft it's therapy!